The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne’s Compliance Program operates under the Akwesasne Justice Department for community law enforcement. Enforcement of Akwesasne Laws includes patrols within Akwesasne to monitor for nuisance dogs, erosion damage on the waterways, and potential community law iolations.



- Animal Control Complaint Form


Pet Wellness Clinic Appointments

The Compliance Program working in partnership with the Toronto Humane Society & Grand River Veterinary Hospital to offer an animal wellness clinic with low cost spay/neutering from the Peace Tree Mall on Kawehno:ke.

Call the Akwesasne Justice Department to book your pets appointment: 613-575-2250 ext. 2400 – Available appointments are TBA:

Pet Wellness Clinic is for both dogs and cats with a cost of $25 per pet paid at the time of the appointment. Appointment includes veterinary checkup for overall wellness, vaccines, and microchip. Additional fees for medications may apply if there is a need for medication like flea and tick prevention.

Currently taking names for a waitlist for Wellness Appointments in the event of a cancellation.


Available Dog Spay/Neuter Appointments – Must be pre-paid

Low-Cost Appointments for $160 Canadian Funds includes surgery, vaccines, and microchip. Appointment must be pre-paid at MCA’s Finance Office.

Limit 12 Spays Per Day: 


Available Cat Spay/Neuter Appointments – Must be prepaid

Low-Cost Appointments for $90 Canadian Funds includes surgery, vaccines, and microchip. Appointments must be prepaid at MCA’s Finance Office.


Mission Statement

“With a good mind it is our responsibility to protect and exercise our inherent rights while creating sustainable partnerships and building a strong community for future generations.”



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